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Нова The Word of the Master Beinsa Douno. The Grain of Wheat Уголеми

The Word of the Master Beinsa Douno. The Grain of Wheat

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Формат14.50 / 21.20 / 1.70 cm

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With the book of "The Grain of Wheat" we have made an inspired and loving effort to cast some light upon the great lifework of Beinsa Douno. Beinsa Douno (Beinsa Duno) is a name of Peter Deunov (Peter Dounov). This name is a spiritual projection of the connection with the followers of this Teaching. A spiritual bridge between Him, the Teaching-talks and lectures and the consciousness of his listeners and followers.
By means talks and of selected thoughts based on themes from his lectures, resumes and essayes to act as a bridge between the various sections, the reader will be able to get some idea of the light cast by our Masters's Words. His language is lively, for those were the words he actually spoke. They reach all levels of our consciousness. They are windows opening onto everything - the soul, the spirit, the mind and consciousness of his listeners.

"I teach a positive Teaching that you can apply in the life and I can attempt this with anyone, so long as he is sincere. That is the privilege of my philosophy - that it can be applied in life. I am applying this divine science in practice. The Grain of Wheat is the symbol of human soul."
Beinsa Douno

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