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Life at the top Уголеми

Life at the top

13,50 лв

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ИздателствоEyre & Spottiswoode Корицитвърди
ISBN~Състояниеизползвана - добро

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At the end of Room at the Top Joe Lampton's ambition appears to have gained its rewards -marriage to a rich man's daughter and a position in her father's firm. Life at the Top takes up the story, not immediately afterwards but ten years later. Joe is now a well-off man with two children and two cars, a member of the wealthy class he used to envy.
When the book opens, however, his life is approaching a crisis. His marriage is becoming strained and bitter his job is safe but after ten years in the firm he is no higher up than when he started his son is a remote boy with whom he can make no contact. Only his four-year-old daughter lights up his increasingly frustrated life. Once again Joe's restless drive towards other women and towards material success is gaining force. He is ready to break out.

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